Venison Saddle ( Rack, Loin and Fillet)


The finest wild venison you can buy. Harvested from a Roe Deer – considered the best eating by most chefs.

Approx. 2.5kg

10 in stock (can be backordered)

Delicious roasted as it is or cut into its component parts.

This should feed 4 – 5 people.

Origin: Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Main Diet: Turnips, Grass and Barley

Completely Wild. Always

Nutritional Value per 100g 

Energy in Kcal (Kj) Proteins (g) Lipides (g) Fat (g) Sodium (mg) Iron (mg)
91 (386) 21,25 0 1,3 54,5 3


Weight 17-2.2 kg